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killing two u.s. service members. a maryland national guard unit charged with training police in afghanistan and arrived home today. george joins us with more. >> more than 40 members of the maryland national guard came home to a ceremony here in hunt valley. they were assigned to the international assistance force in afghanistan. they helped to train the afghan army and police to fight the taliban on their own. there are mixed emotions as they learned of the shooting of a nato service member, allegedly and hands of an afghan trainee. it speaks to the difficulty of their mission. >> we have solid leadership. i am confident all the counter measures have been put in place and we will continue to do what is right for the soldiers performing the mission. >> i have four children. he is the first i did not get to see born. the sacrifice we do, it pays off. we come home. it is a good feeling. >> these men and women spent a year and afghanistan. they deployed on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 last year. for many of these folks, this was their third tour in afghanistan. this was the unit
community. hundreds of people including gov. martin o'malley came to ofebrate the rev.'s 60 years leading worship. he was a member of the first class of african-american ministers accepted into the theological seminary where he steady with classmates dr. martin luther king jr.. he said he is honored by this recognition. >> i am happy. i'm happy i lived this long. they thought enough of me to make a celebration out of it. >> congratulations to you. it there's a lot of love in this room. it is a reflection of the love and service in the life you have given to the city in people of our state. >> to mar the church will hold a concert in honor of rev. would. congratulations. there's so much more to come. a warning for airline passengers. a dispute between american airlines and a pilot union means more delays. a man jumped into the tiger cage at the bronx zoo. he tells police why he made this week. taking the game into >> nyse police plan to arrest a man mauled by a tiger in the bronx zoo. he told investigators that he deliberately leaked into the exhibit because he wanted to "be one with the t
is the forecast -- temperatures in the '60s but it's going to draw down into the 50s, especially after the sun goes down. the skies will be crystal clear and it will be good football other. the high-temperature today was 69. compare that to the average of 75 and i think you will stay below average for the next couple of days. down to 61 and parsons and 61 at the airport. the temperatures are going to fall off quickly and we will wind up with pinpoint skies and dry air. a little cloud cover showing up most of it is in the far western suburbs. there is even some participation up there. that is going to pass north of us and think should be quite at home. once the sun goes down, it might be cold enough for frost for the first time. temperatures will dip into the '40's but it will be cold enough for frost. sun set at 7:00. by the time you wake up, it's going to be in the '40's. a mixture of sunshine and clouds with high temperatures in the upper 60s. sunrise at 6:56. it will get warmer on tuesday and wednesday, but the chance for rain will go up in the middle of the week. it doesn't look like a big
. >> some 2000 guns were allowed to walk between the u.s. and mexico, including two found at the scene of the shootout that claimed the life of the u.s. border official. the local congressman says his family deserves justice. >> it is outrageous. good they want to know what happened to ryan. no. the department of justice has 90 days to provide a timeline of reforms. the inspector general said his goal is to make sure things happen. >> of the 2000 weapons thought to have been acquired illegally, about 1400 have yet to be recovered. >> morgan state university officially opens its new home for engineering. >> next month you will have to abide by a new law regarding child booster seats. details on the changes being made. >> it will not cut into your sleep, but they make it worth your while what has become the stuff of legends, a little later in sports. >> we are getting a warm up [ male announcer ] airtran airways is having a sale. which means our already low fares...are even lower. that's like making the grand canyon...grander. or the great lakes...greater. or the rocky mountains... rocki
to win the hole outright to keep the u.s. hopes alive. starts at the right edge of the green, turning toward the flag, now just left of it. >> just a little amped up. that was a good swing. missed clubs are just too darn excited. >> back at 17. while stricker was hitting his approach, molinari's second, down the hill way too fast. >> now, that was the gift. >> so, tiger is looking very good here to take a 1-up lead and this was the reaction from tiger when he got to the green. chance to take the 1-up lead here. again, stricker ahead of him at 18. trying to win that hole and kaymer has the advantage there, but after what we've seen the the last three days, wouldn't be surprised by anything right now. >> just coaxing it down. and that is a par. molinari will have a long one coming back to try and keep it all square. jose maria olazabal. can't even bear to look. at 18 for striker, who's away. >> stricker will be first to play. putting from the upper level to the lower. >> saw dufner miss it way left on this putt. dottie. >> i can see that happening. putt it through a little bit of a funn
marshall at 59a. loo -- a look at westminster and york. in western maryland it will go down to the 30's. 75 for the high. the low below average at 60. the record high was in 1983. it looks like tomorrow morning closing record of 43 measured at the airport will be safe. some of the suburbs made it down that low because the skies remained unclear and the winds will be light and the atmosphere is dry. mountains now, 70's around town. in downtown baltimore, 60's and a clear sky. 44 in the coolest ballets by daybreak and 57 at the inner harbor with light winds. this has cleared the skies into eastern canada and down to the gulf. the sprawling area of high pressure that will convert to new to control the weather. no disturbance coming our way for several days. sunny skies tomorrow. 79 before -- 74 to degrees. sun set at 7:21 p.m. it water temperatures in the upper 70's to around 80. 30's in the morning in the mountains. warming to the upper 60's tomorrow. eastern shore locations, interior sections could be in the upper 40's. daytime temperatures are comfortable. same thing at ocean city. cool at
, we will be close to that again. we should be in the upper 50's. 81 is a typical high. that is the target temperature of the next few days. the record today, 94 back in 1985. the box many 100's in anymore. the average low is 60. we're not going to be all but close to the record lows this week, but we are closer than we have been. on the boardwalk, 75. beautiful down there. park to an already downed 71. temperatures are beginning to fall off. frederick, 77. it really dry atmosphere. there is this area of high pressure that will be with us during the evening hours ending in. august has cleaned out. no storms nearby. there are some storms in the pacific northwest. this is a going away. again, this disturbance in canada will go away. tomorrow, that will t exist like it does today. everything is clean out for two- thirds of the country. the only unsettled is out in the mountains and along the west coast and then offshore. we really have a good forecast that will last a while. overnight tonight, clear skies, cooler than usual. 52-58 overnight with a light northeast, northwes
on the u.s. consulate in the libyan city of benghazi. >> they did not simply embrace the american ideal. they lived it. they invited it. >> the president and secretary of state were stoic but stored in their condemnation of an anti-muslim film that triggered more deadly demonstrations overseas in more than a dozen countries. >> that is the concern, how quickly things spiraled out of control. and on capitol hill, lawmakers emerged from a closed-door intelligence briefing, no closer to a motive in libya. >> again, all this is still very fluid. >> the white house pushed back on reports that it failed to act on any kind of warning. >> we were not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the u.s. mission was planned or imminent. >> meantime, we have learned the white house has reportedly asked youtube to review the inflammatory film in question to see if it is in compliance. >> thanks. threats of a loss of of being made against the woman who came forward in a sexual harassment case against john leopold. barry semmeses live in the newsroom. who is making the threats a
into whether these incidents are related to anti-u.s. protests sparked by a film for trying to profit mohammad. in beirut, the leader of the militant hezbollah group urged the process to continue. earlier protests in afghanistan said fires near a u.s. military base and demonstrators clashed with police in pakistan and indonesia. >> this is about politics and world power. this is about what is taking place in these countries. a tremendously complex and painful transition. >> nato has scaled back operations with afghan policeman to reduce local tensions and the risk of insider attacks. >> mitt romney is rebuilding his campaign. after recent polling shows that president obama is making gains. the president is during battleground states this week. we have the latest on the campaign. >> donna, the president announced a new crackdown on china and iran the camp is pursuing a new strategy, one that focuses -- and the romney camp is pursuing a new strategy, one that focuses on specifics. >> campaigning in ohio, president obama announced a new action against china. >> he made money investing in companie
hundreds descended on the u.s. embassy in yemen in protest, part of a wave of anti-american demonstrations that spread from egypt to iran. back in the u.s., obama made a direct appeal. >> no act of violence shakes the result of the united states of america. >> the obama administration condemned the viral video that triggered the events. >> this video is disgusting and reprehensible. >> the incidents come to days after u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed during a mob attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> we are very cautious about drawing any conclusions with regard to who the perpetrators were, what their motivations were. but the pentagon sent two warships closer to libya, but offered few specifics. >> we are prepared to respond to any contingency. we have not been assigned a specific mission pear cracks in the gun officials say they will assist with the investigation if called upon. nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news. >> members of the maryland council met -- at the maryland muslim council met to condemn the violence in libya an
temperatures in the upper- 80's. the normal is only 82. we'd beat that by quite a bit. it is currently in the low-80's. downtown baltimore, 81 as the rain shower pass through. 73 on the coast. 70's in the mountains. temperatures will stay in the 70's tonight. if you suburbs may reach 67. -- a few suburbs may reach 67. all of this weather is locked in place. nothing really to take out the front until this front arrives. that is going to take a couple of days. it would generate more showers and thunderstorms. for most of the week, the threat of a shower will be there. highs tomorrow, 84-89. winds out of the southwest at 5- 10. on the bay, a small craft advisory. the waves will diminish and settle down during the afternoon when the thunderstorms will be popping up. use some caution if you are on the bay. a thunderstorm is the possibility for the next two days. the eastern shore, summertime heat and humidity. ocean city, showers and storms and temperatures in the low- 80's. rain chances are also higher. typically during the hurricane season, if you look at the most active time, we are gett
. you know what i mean. lucky for you, airtran offers flights to destinations like these across the u.s. we just made something awesome, awesomer. airtran is having a sale with flights starting at 69 dollars one-way. all with wifi. book today at airtran.com. go. there's nothing stopping you. >> it was not the usual way to send a message of love. towson used paint-filled sponges to stamp out messages of hate. this is months after the students expressed concern over racial tension on campus. >> we are helping people take out frustration by throwing paint on that. is a visual stamping out update. >> last spring, graffiti turned up on campus sidewalks about western civilization. the student responsible for it is trying to organize a white student union. >> 2000 employees were left without a job when spirits. steel mill shutdown -- shut down. tonight they are getting a helping hand. the food bank gave out food over two days to members of the steelworkers' union. >> it is good to have something at the house for my family and all. >> save the expense on food products that can go into a gas tan
the united nations -- >> a crude and disgusting video -- >> president obama called the violence that left a u.s. ambassador and three other americans dead and attack on america. >> there should be no doubt that we will be relentless in tracking down the killers and bringing them to justice. >> while the speech was liver before foreign leaders, it was also aimed at american voters. >> the fear for obama politically is that america sees him as weak, which is why he gives more of a hard line, firm stance at the united nations today. >> met romney addressed the clinton global initiative, unveiling a new approach to foreign aid that target barriers to investment and trade in developing nations. >> in exchange for removing barriers and opening markets to u.s. investment and trade, developing nations will receive u.s. assistance packages. >> he joked about sharing the stage with a political adversary. >> if there is one thing we have learned in this election season, it's that a few words from bill clinton can do a man a lot of dead. >> the appearance may indeed help romney. >> it could be a boost if l
these across the u.s. we just made something awesome, awesomer. airtran is having a sale with flights starting at 69 dollars one-way. all with wifi. book today at airtran.com. go. there's nothing stopping you. >> the new laws for motor scooter operators in maryland. soon you'll have to wear a helmet and i protection. >> rob roblin has details. >> if you drive a motor scooter or moped in maryland, get ready. on october 1, new laws go into effect. it used to be if you wrote a ,otor scooter under 50 cc's there were few regulations you have to follow, as far as a title, being insured, and safety were concerned, now all that will be changing. >> individuals not having helmets or the proper credentials of operating motor scooters, then it -- that is what this bill addresses. >> the fine will be $110 if you choose not to wear a helmet. if you do not have a windshield or eye protection, that will be an additional $110. >> most people who bought those skiers did so because they were generally hassle free to operate and right. while some riders understand the need for the regulations -- >> it is a low b
, including the u.s. ambassador. >> there are new concerns whether that they have been related to 9/11. let's go live now to our washington bureau for the latest. >> the white house official says it's premature to speculate about the motives. but some say it was too coordinated to be something spontaneous. >> he was a career diplomat. he was killed and a line of duty along with three other americans after a fiery attack by a militant mob at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the president condemned the attack. >> make no mistake -- we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. >> the president was joined by hillary clinton and accompanied her to the state department to offer support to staff. >> this is not easy. today, many americans are asking, indeed i asked myself, how could this happen? >> american officials are investigating whether with a planned strike to mark the 9/11 anniversary. other protests broke out at u.s. embassy in egypt over an islamist movie produced by california filmmaker. mitt romney criticized the administration
they're not telling me what the future for the mall will be. >> u.s. security officials ruled last week's killing and libya a terrorist attack. >> one major question remains. we'll have the latest coming up. >> the latest political ammunition in the race for the white house is a 14-year-old audio tape. you'll your part of it, coming up. >> the orioles get younger in the bullpen and after last night, they will need that youthful energy. [ male announcer ] airtran airways is having a sale. which means our already low fares...are even lower. that's like making the grand canyon...grander. or the great lakes...greater. or the rocky mountains... rockier. you know what i mean. lucky for you, airtran offers flights to destinations like these across the u.s. we just made something awesome, awesomer. airtran is having a sale with flights starting at 69 dollars one-way. all with wifi. book today at airtran.com. go. there's nothing stopping you. >> top u.s. security officials are calling the killings at u.s. embassy last week a terrorist attack. but what remains under debate is whether the attack w
here. >> cal ripken jr.'s statue will be unveiled at the ballpark. you can see it is all wrapped up. there is also rumors of another statue of a sports legend that will be joining the statues here. right now, no one is talking. >> i guess a little bit of wishful thinking. we will never see that come to reality. the good news, the o's are tied for first place. the yankees come to town tomorrow night and tonight they play toronto. if that is not enough, what about the reagans? the season begins monday night and gery sandusky is that the power plant. >> the energy is starting to build it as the ravens get to set to kick off monday night. the nfl season kicks off tonight where the new york giants host to the dallas cowboys. the cheerleaders are here as well as reagan's hands waiting for the dance in baltimore. the ravens kicking off their 17th season on monday night and that means 17 seasons for ray lewis and he is still delivering a but. he has lost 15-20 pounds from a year ago. he said the game has changed but -- so he has changed. >> well, i am going back again. this is good times. t
to 73 tonight. mostly clear skies. temperatures will be pushing into the upper 80's. wins in the south 10 miles an hour to 20 miles per hour. there's a 30-mile bus on the open bay. if you plan to do boating or fishing, is one of those days where you have to pay close attention to weather conditions changing. it will only be in the 60's in the mountains on sunday. stormy weather tomorrow afternoon. a much nicer sunday. if you are heading to the coast, ocean city, 90 tomorrow. it will turn very nice, although on the breezy side on sunday. 86 tomorrow, but only 80 and less humid on sunday. beautiful weather on monday. windy ravens kickoff, temperatures for should be ideal for monday evening. lows in the 50's. >> the sports center -- this is 11 sports. >> we are live at camden yards. it has been a season of pleasant surprises, one after another for the orioles'. many of the is we may not see again at camden yards. a packed house of orioles fans watching the orioles beat the yankees. with jason back on the mound, his first start in seven weeks. he pitched well. his teammate struggle a bit.
% increase in unemployment. >> the u.s. department of labour is behind this one to provide information job-seekers need to get the skills employers are looking for. >> constance is taking advantage of it. she spent 15 years in an unstable insurance field. the initiative is helping her open unassisted and living facility. -- an assisted living facility. ." -- >> this will be stable and more permanent. she will have what it takes to open the assisted living business within one year. the administration's goal has 20% for work-force training in the number of those who have completed the new job skills training stands at 13%. live in the studio, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the romney campaign is trying to reset their message doctor he was caught on camera speaking off the cuff that a florida fund-raiser and later today the full audio was released from that event. nikole killion has more on damage control. >> from is spending most of his day doing more fund-raisers and not necessarily backing down from his original comments. the fund-raiser video was put up in its entirety on the mother j
on the boardwalk. hagerstown, 81. in the 70's in the mountains. the moistures common and is coming from a cold front. it will move south. it is not wish her out of i -- is not moisture of isaac. this cold front will be stalling in the neighborhood. we expected to move to the south. some of the rain chances will go with it. this will be in the neighborhood all weekend. the moisture and unsettled environment from what is left of isaac will move along this boundary. we will be in that vicinity. our forecast remains with a chance of shower activity. there is tropical activity and the atlantic. kirk has dissipated. leslie is out here. it will not come for the u.s. mostly cloudy tonight. a light shower. a light thunderstorm early this evening. 69 to 7 the five is the overnight low. scoured showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. 80 to 85. the same forecast for ocean city. temperatures will be in a the's. rain chances both days. the chances will be up to about 60%. toward the middle of the week, the rain chances will taper off. the chance is there. keep an umbrella. >> we talked about the orioles. what a
can still get cold, it can still get hot. we still see a lot of seventies and upper '70's in some locations. look for lows to hold in the '60s well above normal with scattered showers, east went, and muggy conditions. an area of low pressure over the mountains is attracting a long this slow-moving front. it's moving south and we should be -- it should still be triggering a few showers. bashar chances will linger into tomorrow especially on the eastern shore. rain chances diminished a little bit and we will even see some some saturday. the low pressure happening over the ohio valley will be getting closer. we may see a last batch of showers later in the weekend. about 30% chance of a shower. west when that 5 to 10 knots. the seven-day forecast -- keeping the unsettled weather going through tomorrow. a break on saturday as temperatures cool. 72 on sunday with a chance of a shower and a stretch of dry weather as high pressure comes in for monday, tuesday and wednesday. inhibits the regular referees' return for >> the irregulars are in -- the referee is first assignment tonight at the
. we will check out >> a report from the institute of medicine shows the u.s. health-care system wastes $750 billion a year. the organization says money is lost to things like paperwork and fraud. president barack obama and republican mitt romney have agreed there has to be a limit to that spending but they differ on exactly how to get it done. president obama is accepting his party oppose the nomination during the final night of the democratic national convention. >> this will be a balancing act for the president when he convinces americans he deserves another term. a spokesman says he will lay out a road map for the future. that message will be aimed at voters nationwide, particularly those who remain undecided. >> we're getting better but we know you are still hurting. we're not where we want to be but we would be worse with the other guy. >> the speech will have a likely heavy emphasis on foreign policy including the war in iraq and afghanistan, something the romney did not mention in his speech. live coverage at 9:00 p.m. right here on wbal tv 11. >> now, your 11 insta-weather fore
. >> i do not think he holds a lot of clout. >> this pastor disagrees that this is a same s civil rights i. >> they do not have the right to redefine marriage for the entire population. >> after president obama came out in favor of same-sex marriage, polls revealed an uptick in support. he charges african-american clergy are putting politics ahead of what is in their hearts. >> i want to be able to give the president a pass on this issue. >> african-american clergy in support of same-sex marriage say it is a civil, not a religious matter and it will not infringe on religious freedom, but those opposed disagree. they have already filed lawsuits in other states. >> first lady michelle obama is in baltimore to nine speaking to a packed house at morgan state university. it turns out she is one of the president's most effective campaigners. we are there live with more. >> we just saw the first ladies motorcade's the past year about 45 minutes ago. we can only guess that things are well under way inside. supporters started lining up here on campus at 1:00 this afternoon. those supporters have
and manufacturers. today, the u.s. auto industry has come back. >> he defended obamacare. >> i do not know what the other side is proposing. i guess you could call it romney does not care. >> joe biden was mocking mitt romney and paul ryan. >> these guys say the president is out of touch? a swiss bank account. millions in the cayman islands. who is out of touch? >> mitt romney stayed out of the fray in new hampshire. in charlotte, a few hundred activists protested the city's big banks and demanded tougher environmental laws as the president headed toward his convention. tomorrow, mr. obama campaigns in ohio, a critical battleground. then he goes to louisiana. from charlotte, wbal-tv 11 news. >> things are back to normal at the airport. a number of flights were put on hold this morning. part of a ground stoppage at three major airports. the problem has been traced to a fire at an office refrigerator and faa facility outside of d.c. flames broke out and the radar facility that handle flights to the area. the grounding was put in place at 8:40 this morning. he remains in critical condition. member
. s bruce lamdin is not one of them and he should not be a judge. >> lamdin wrote us a letter last week complaining because we knocked on his door. he told us he was on vacation and often until late october. >> the decision to retire reface reappointment later this year. the chair of the state committee said they would that had a tough time. >> police have identified the couple in their eighties found dead in their home yesterday afternoon. investigators say the bodies were discovered in their home by a neighbor who was checking in on them after request by an out- of-state relative. the neighbor then contacted the police. detectives said they do not consider the deaths of the elderly couple random crime. investigators say they recovered a weapon. police say an adult grandson live with the peppers and they are in the process of locating him. >> ray lewis delivered an emotional eulogy today at the memorial for art modell. hundreds of people packed into the baltimore hebrew congregation today to say goodbye. barry simms joins us live with more on that service. >> art modell was called
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